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I decided to turn myself into Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V. So much fun!

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Step 1: Step One!

I filled in my eyebrows making them thicker, more square, and longer using brown body paint. Then taking a little latex I added to dashes on one eyebrow this is going to be a scar later.

Step 2: Wrinkles

Next I'm going to add a ton of wrinkles! Using a contour pallet I grabbed a warm brown color to make the wrinkles. to help figure out where wrinkles should go, try making funny faces and seeing where the naturally land on your face. make sure to blend!

I also added bags under my eyes!

Step 3: Random

I also randomly made my eye lid appear a touch higher by dragging a dark brown above my lid and pulling the color down.

Step 4: Dem Drugs

Now Trevor (the character I'm doing) is known for taking lots of drugs so I added his hallow cheeks by following my natural cheek bone. This step my very depending on your face.

Step 5: Nose

I used black body paint to make my nostrils longer.
Then using a contour shade I made my nose fatter at the bottom, and I made it come to more of a point at the tip.

the bridge of his nose is slender so I contoured my bridge to look smaller.

Step 6: More Wrinkles

I added wrinkles coming off his nose using that same brown and darkened up the shadow under the nose by using gray eyeshadow.

Step 7: Details

I highlighted the nose with a white eye crayon. Then I added more wrinkles by the chin. I also made a small chin dimple, and brought out my Cupids bow using that same brown.

Step 8: Lips

pursuing my lips I drug that brown contour color over my lips. This will make your lips look dry and cracked. Then taking a brown body paint I lightly outlined my lips to make them look flatter and fatter. Haha then I drug that contour color under the lip to widen my jaw.

Step 9: Dots

he has spots on his face, so I took a brown body paint and added three dots on my nose and one dot under my eyes.

Step 10: Scares

to make my eye brow scar stand out I used white and brown eye liner. Then I did the same to add a scar to his lip.

Step 11: Details

I added a few more wrinkles and some dirt to the cheek.

Step 12: Stubble

taking a stippling sponge I took three different cream makeup colors in brown and added some scruff.

Step 13: Cut Here

for his cut here tattoo I used black body paint.

Step 14: Hair

I used the stipple sponge to add sideburns and then used foundation that matched my face to try and add a receding hair line.

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    15 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I love seeing your make-up instructables. I like to see your creativity in action and I always look forward to what you're going do next. Just one thing, I don't see here... did you account for an "Adam's apple"? If you're going from girl to guy, you have to add an Adam's Apple.


    3 years ago

    This is fantastic makeup.. if you were to only be doing Trevor. You're still too feminine looking.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    depending on age and possible birth marks both men and women do, yes. however this is a character from GTAV (Trevor Phillips) as I stated above and he in fact has a ton do to old age and drugs. lol


    3 years ago

    I'm amazed every time I see your instructables!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I was also gonna say this is pretty close to borderlands cell shading. Looks great by the MsMao!