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Introduction: HOMESTUCK God Tier Pendant

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I'm a big MSPA fan. I love Homestuck half to death (in other words I'm like any other member of the fandom), and occasionally I'm inspired to make Homestuck related stuff. This pendant was inspired by my inability to afford anything in the What Pumpkin store (and maybe also my inability to choose just one favorite god tier).

I've never tried something like this before, and it was a fun experiment. I made a few minor mistakes, but I really like how it came out and will be making more stuff like this in the future. I had all the materials but the two washers that I used to make the pendant, so in the end the whole thing ended up costing me a whopping $0.30.

2 Washers [with no text printed or engraved onto them]
Mod Podge
Sharpies [in all the god tier colors]

Sharp, pointy object [I used a jackknife]

1.  Glue the two washers together, making sure to keep the nice, rounded sides of the washers on the outside of the pendant.
2.  Sharpie the god tier color wheel thing onto one side of your pendant. Leave out the symbols.
3.  With a freshly sharpened pencil, draw on the symbols. Then, carefully scratch them into the metal with your Sharp, Pointy Object.
4.  Cover the one finished side of the pendant with a layer of mod podge. This is done because, as you will by now have figured out, the sharpie permanent marker wipes off nearly as fast as if it were made for a whiteboard.
5.  Repeat steps 2-4 on the back side of the pendant, but use the other design seen in the pictures (or make up your own). I penciled on the words "Homestuck" and "MSPA", but I didn't carve them in. You can barely see them in the pictures, but in RL it's kind of cool.. it is a little faint though.
6.  Color in the outside rim of the pendant. Stick your finger up the hole in the middle of the pendant and mod podge the outside. Hopefully it'll dry quickly, because you can't really put the pendant down until it does.
7.  Repeat step 6, just this time hold the pendant by the outside while it dries.
8.  Touch up any last (fixable) imperfections with sharpie and add some more mod podge on the touched up spots, making sure to keep the coating smooth.

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    2 years ago

    awesome! im planning on making this for me and a couple of close homestuck friends lmao, cant wait for them to get it! christmas gifts!)