How to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger

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So if you have hooded eyes like me or just small eyes then these steps with be a easy way to enhance your eyes. I do hope you find this helpful.

Step 1:

So first I applied a primer to my eyes as this is going to help the eye makeup last all day and keep it in place. Whenever I apply a liquid I always set this with a eyeshadow as this will help the other shadow blend allot easier and this will also help the look last all day. You can use concealer if you dont have a primer.

Step 2:

Then with the colour nude from the Lorac Pro palette I blended this out into the crease and this is going to be your transition colour and help the other colours blend out. Then with the colour Sable and a pencil brush I also apply this to the crease of my eye making sure it is further into the crease. This is going to help deepen the crease. The most important step is getting the right shape on the shadow. I make sure I go up from the outer corner into the crease then in the crease and finally straight down back into the inner corner. This will create a half circle shape. I then do the same step using the black shade and espresso as I wanted a really dark brown. I used a flat brush so that I could really control where I am placing this colour as I need this further into the crease. I then go in with my fluffy brush to blend this all together so theres no harsh lines.

Step 3:

I then take the cream shade from the same palette and apply this all over the lid taking it up into the crease shadow to tidy any fallout or anything that looked messy. I then take the white shade and apply this on the centre of the lid to create a highlight and this helps your lids look as if they are larger.

Step 4:

I then just create a wing making sure it isn't too big as this will make your eyes look larger as the lid isn't being taken up by liner. I then also apply a white liner in the waterline to open up the eyes and make your eyes look awake. The next step is to apply your mascara and lashes. I feel lashes help the eyes open up.

Step 5:

Now its time for the face. First I applied a primer to help the makeup last all day. I then applied a foundation making sure this is all blended nicely. Then with my concealer I just highlighted my face by applying this to the under eyes, chin, forehead and nose. I then blended this out using my beauty blender and set it with my setting powder to prevent any creasing.

I then bronze up my face slightly by applying this to the hollows of my cheeks, forehead, jawline and nose. I then take my foundation brush and make sure everything is blending in together nicely.

Step 6:

I then apply some concealer to the brow bone to highlight it and this helps lift and define my brows. The final steps of creating larger eyes is to apply the shades i used in the crease onto the lower lash line. This just helps bring the full look together.

Step 7:

Finally I just applied a highlighter onto the highest points of my cheeks and nose and then took a nude lip colour and applied this to the lips.




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    2 years ago

    I couldn't pull this off lol but you're very beautiful and the tutorial was very detailed. Kudos