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This instructable will teach you the square-knot pattern used for most hemp necklaces.

*The beads used are from my "How to Make Polymer Beads" instructable. Check it out!

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Step 1: Materials.

Hemp - the amount needed depends on whether you're making a bracelet or necklace. In either case, you will need at 12x the length of the measurements. For example, your neck=16" you will need 192" of hemp (16')


Safety Pin or Small Nail (optional)

Step 2: Measure Your Hemp.

To measure about how much hemp you will need, wrap the end of a strand around your neck (or wrist, for bracelets).

Cut the strand where it meets on the other side of your neck. You may want to add a couple of extra inches for good measure. Then double it over so you have two strands that make a loop in the center. This is your base strand that you will be tying the hemp knots around.

Pull the newly cut strand taunt and measure out another length of hemp next to it but don't cut the new strand. Instead, you will double the strand over and over again until you have 8 or 9 doubled strands.

After you have "doubled" the strands 8 or 9 times, cut the hemp at the end so that when you pull the strand taunt you will have one long piece of hemp. This will be you knotting hemp.

Step 3: Knotting.

I usually secure the base loop to something sturdy, like a table or my pants leg, using a nail or safety pin. This allows me freer hand movements for looping and pulling. It will definitely helps make the process go faster! But it is optional, as seen here.

Fold the base strand in half. This will create a loop that will be part of the necklace's "clasp".

Now fold the long strand in half and wrap it's loop around the base strand's loop.

Cross the left-side piece of the long strand over the base strand, then under the right- side piece of long strand.

With the left-side strand still underneath the right-side strand, wrap the right-side strand behind the base strand.

Pull the right-side strand (now behind the base) up through the left-side's loop that is resting against the base.

Grip each strand, both of which should be on the opposite sides of the base from where they started, and pull the knot tight.

This is a square knot.

Remember to push the first knot up the center of the base strand until the base strand's loop is the size you want for fitting an ending knot through. The end knot (used as the clasp) will probably be around the size of the tip of your pinky finger, or smaller. You can tie a temporary knot using the end of the strands to gauge the size of loop needed. ***See intro pic***

Step 4: Repeat.

Once you have pulled the knot tight, take the right-side strand and cross it back over the base strand.

Always start the steps over on the opposite side from which you started i.e. the strand that is already behind a loop is the strand with which you will start a new knot.

Wrap the left-side strand over the crossed right-side strand and then behind the base strand.

Pull the left-side strand (now wrapped behind the base strand) through the right-side's loop.

Then pull the strands taunt to create another square knot.

Repeat this process for the length of the base strand or until the necklace is the length you want it.

Always start the steps over on the opposite side from which you started i.e. the strand that is already behind a loop is the strand with which you will start a new knot.

Your necklace should start to look like the last pic here.

Step 5: Finishing.

Once you've reached the length you wanted, tie all four strands into a simple knot. This knot will be pulled through the base loop to serve as the necklace's clasp system.

And then you're done. :)



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    29 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    How much hemp does it take make an 8 strand cross senitt necklace


    7 years ago on Step 2

    So I'm making a 9" bracelet. I need one 18" piece folded in half and one piece about 96"?


    7 years ago on Step 4

    thanks..thanks to you, I found out why my cords do spins every time that I was doing a bracelet. I never got it straight rows until now. :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your hard work! I want to make this sometime.

    I love fiber projects. Your beads with the hemp twine is a great mix and something that would be fun to wear.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Love your work, but I found the bit about the measurements strand double the finished length and the other 8x ?


    Not really..but thinking about it now, that probably would've been a good idea for this one. Explaining the knot process is a bit more difficult than I thought! A video would be easier to follow.

    and since hemp is an incredibly strong material it should last for an incredibly long time. i have worn a hemp necklace my BFF gave me for many months and it shows no signs of wear. and it has been through thick and thin and still is really tough.


    10 years ago on Step 2

    I am confused, when you cut the "doubled" strands, do you cut it to the folded over length or to the full length (2x the folded length)?