How to Program ATMEGA 8,16,328 Attiny and Fuse Bit

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Hi friends. Today i will show you how to Program ATMEGA 8,16,328 Attiny and Fuse Bit

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Step 1: Watch the Video

In this video i show you step by step how to Program ATMEGA 8,16,328 Attiny and Fuse Bit. Please choice Full HD quality for get more detail

Step 2: Make USBasp Programmer or Buy Any AVR Programmer

I use AVR USBasp programmer I have show you in previous video. This PCB i make by use Eagle software and send gerber file to JLCPCB.COM for make PCB online, you can download the gerber file here and check the previous instructable here.

Step 3: Fuse Bit AVR Atmega 8,16,32...

The first we need to choice exacly AT chip. In this instructable i use ATmega 8, at16 and at328 are the same.

Choice the bit and put write button

Step 4: Program AT Chip

We need to load Hex file or eeprom file. after that we have 2 choice

1 : Manual: we must to chip erase, program, manual.

2: Auto: We set the action we need after that just one click Auto and wait.

Step 5: How to Program AT Chip Without Socket

Some AT chip can not put to socket, example Attiny 2313A, At8 SMD. We can program them by use the wire and connect from program board to chip.

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