Iphone Dock Made With Pistachios




Introduction: Iphone Dock Made With Pistachios

About: Hi, I'm Johan Link, a 17 years old student living in Switzerland. I love robotics, computers, 3D printing, photography and skate.

This is a dock made with pistachios. You can put it where you want, for example on your table or on your nightstand.

Step 1: Materials

Here's everything you'll need to make this dock:

- a pen

- a sheet of paper

- a a glue gun

- a bowl pistachios

- a phone

Step 2: Shape of the Dock

Draw on the sheet of paper the shape of the dock.

Step 3: Paste Pistachios Together

This is the longest step of the project, and you have to do this step twice.

You have to stick the pistachios together with your glue gun.

Give to the pistachios the same shape of the line you made on the piece of paper. Look at the pictures to understand.

Step 4: Last Step

You just have to stick the two parts together and it's over. :)

I'm 15 and I don't speak English.
I'm sorry for the mistakes I made in the sentences.

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    13 Discussions

    This is so fun! Wonder what else you might re-purpose? =D

    Where did you get the idea for making this? Pretty clever!

    So Creative! I love this idea!


    1 year ago

    Haha I love this! Really funny idea to make it out of pistachios :D

    I've seen phone stands made from plastic to wood to metal to glass but never out of pistachio nut shells or any type of shells. This is great and original in my opinion. You have my vote! Btw, your English was great and I use google translate for some of my clients too so don't worry about it. Thank you for sharing. I'm actually going out to buy pistachios just to make one of these! ????

    Your Instructable is in PERFECT English. Truly, every word and all of the sentences were perfectly correct and everything was absolutely clear. It was as good as any Instructable on the site. Bravo.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much. I have to admit that I a little used Google translate :).

    Thank you for your comment. :)

    this is a really cool instructible. thanks for sharing it mate.

    Wow. That is cool. I can honestly say that this is the most creative phone stand that I have ever seen.