Jack, Sally, and Zero Yard Decorations




Introduction: Jack, Sally, and Zero Yard Decorations

Nightmare-inspired yard decorations made from plywood.

Materials List:

Jigsaw (& several blades)
Paint Markers: 2 Black & 1 White medium point, 1 Black Fine Point)
Base-coat waterproofing primer
Flat gloss polyurethane
Acrylic paints: Various colors
Paint Brushes
Two 1"x2" studs
1/2" PVC Pipe
Steel Bar

Draw and cut out your figures with the jigsaw and sand them well. Add at least 2 coats of the base coat. It seals and waterproofs the wood and it also gives you a more forgiving drawing surface. If you mess up you can use an eraser. If you really mess up you simply sand away the mistake and reapply primer.

Step 1: Sally

Acquired plywood, new jigsaw blades, and primer. Time to go to work!!!

I made Sally first for a couple of reasons. First, she is out front and has more way more detail so I wanted to make sure she came out looking good before I moved on. Second, she determined the position of Jack's shoulder and I needed her for proportion for the other parts. 

Step 2: Jack

Jack is over 7 feet tall and a bit skinny so I used the 1"x 2" stud for structural support from the back. The PVC will slide over rebar posts that will have been driven into the ground.

I used a white paint marker for his pinstripes. Don't try for perfection with his stripes- the more wonky the lines, the more authentic the look.

Step 3: Zero

Zero's ears are really thin and I had no faith that they would survive very long with the kids in the neighborhood and getting knocked about each year in and out of storage. So, I reinforced them with a steel bar. Although it is not shown, I attached a piece of PVC to his back so that he can sit on a dowel. The plan is to move him about the yard over the course of the Halloween season.

Step 4: Project Complete. for Now...

I attached Sally to Jack after applying several coats of polyurethane to each piece. I do not want these guys to warp! 

So, after a successful project I look around and realize that I haven't made Oogey or The Mayor or Lock, Shock & Barrel...

It's about to get busy!



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    12 Discussions

    what type of waterproof primer do you use?

    Great Job! My yard is full as well. I did Jack, Sally, Zero and Oogie.. as well as some Disney characters and some zombies.
    I like your idea with the PVC over the rebar. Can you tell me how you attached the PVC to your work? I couldn't make it out in the pics.
    Again, great job

    1 reply

    Hey DiddyK

    There are two 1x2" studs running down the back for support. They are attached from the back using 1" screws. I then drilled holes in the PVC to accommodate the heads of the screws, and attached the PVC to the sides of the studs.

    The whole project is about 7' tall and we've had a few relatively powerful thunderstorms with heavy winds and the rebar anchors have worked like a champ.

    Where did you find the patterns? Are they available as a file to be size increased?
    Or did I miss that in the text somewhere?

    1 reply

    Hi Widget,

    I found a picture that I liked online but I drew the figures freehand. Here's the link to the original pic: http://thallys.deviantart.com/


    That's so cool. I don't have the slightest artistic ability so I won't try it,
    But that's really cool

    Pretty cool job my friend!

    I love nightmares as well extra specially on Halloween

    I love the nightmare before Christmas! I also love the idea of Zero moving around the yard, that should spark some chatter among the children in your neighborhood! Well done!

    1 reply

    Thanks! Nightmare is very special to me. My baby sister and I used to watch it all the time together when she was little. Now my daughter loves it too. She helped me apply the primer and is so proud of the Jack and Sally that WE made. :)