Jonnybgood's Knex Umbrella.

Introduction: Jonnybgood's Knex Umbrella.

About: My 3ds friend code is 0860-3914-2160 My 3ds xl friend code is 2294-3900-2732. If anyone has xbox live and playes gta 4, can we play together?

Hi this is a collaboration which I helped Jonnybgood make. The knex umbrella has a opening and closing mechanism which is useful for realism. I built this for a college engineering speech on umbrellas. I improved this by adding some sort of paper covering for a canopy ( I know, not waterproof next best thing is duct tape). When I did attach the canopy as shown in my pics, it didn't close, the paper prevented the umbrella from closing. If you want to build this to your best please follow carefully. Please follow and vote. If you have a 3DS or 3DS XL I'm happy to trade friend codes with you.

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