K"nex MIni Bow and Arrow





Introduction: K"nex MIni Bow and Arrow

This is my k'nex mini bow and arrow. It is really strong and easy to build using the basic k'nex peices. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Collect the Peices

8 green connectors
2 yellow connectors
8 orange connectors
4 white rods
8 blue rods
2 red rods
1 gray rod (the arrow)
1 gray spacer
1 light blue spacer
and 1 rubberband.

Step 2: BUILD

Use 4 white rods, 2 blue rods, and 8 green connectors.

Step 3: BUILD

Use 4 orange connectors, 2 yellow connectors, 1 blue spacer, and 1 gray spacer.

Step 4: BUILD

Use 4 blue rods and 4 orange connectors.

Step 5: BUILD and FINISH

Use 1 rubber band, 2 blue rods, and 2 red rods. Then your done.



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    48 Discussions

    I thought that this was a super cool and fun thing to make and it shoot really far! I love it so much! :) 10/10

    Made it.
    Looks sick but I'm having trouble holding it XD


    very cool and powerful up close

    I put light blue spacers between the 2 orange pieces on both sides, it makes it stronger.

    i would say that the extra orange attatches to the end of the grey connecter giving it something to connect to the band with.

    not to be mean but there are to many simple things like this there ok for shooting but look at how simple it is make it bigger of something

    me juss wann sayy dat u added in da partz list 9 not 8 orange. maka noa diffy