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This is a KNEX arm lift I made that easily brings the balls up to good height. This is my first Instructable I've made on how to build something huge. I apologize if the lift doesn't go as high as you want it to.
HERE'S the lift IN ACTION:

Step 1: The Tower Part 1

Here's how to build the first side of the main tower, kind of simple. Be sure to look at the close-ups.

Step 2: The Tower Part 2

Here's the other side of the main tower. Be sure to look at the close-ups once more.

Step 3: Attaching the Two Sides

Now, get the stuff you built in Steps 1 & 2 and put them together as shown.

Step 4: The Ark

This is what the balls will roll on to be picked up by the arms.

Step 5: The Motor

This automatically rotates the arms around and around. REMEMBER: You don't have to use the Battery-Powered Motor I used. You can use a different motor if you have to.

Step 6: The Arms

Here are the two arms that'll pick up the balls.

Step 7: Attaching the Ark, Motor, and Arms

Now, take the stuff you built from Steps 4-6 and look closely at how to attach these three things to the tower.

Step 8: The Exit Track

This is what the balls will land on after the arms bring the balls to their summit.

Step 9: Attaching the Exit Track

Now, attach the exit track to the tower, as shown.

Step 10: Automatic Dispenser Part 1

The dispenser starts out the thingy that dispenses the balls one by one so 2+ balls aren't on the Ark at once.

Step 11: Automatic Dispenser Part 2

This is the extra pathing that will be added to the Ark and is needed support to the dispenser.

Step 12: Automatic Dispenser Part 3

This is the motor part that will help to automatically dispense the balls one by one. Pretty simple.

Step 13: Attaching the Whole Dispenser

Now, take what you built from Steps 10-12 and see how to put all this on the tower.

Step 14: Optional Support

Step 15: Finished!

Congratulations! You now have your own, yet awesome arm lift. Now, just load some balls into the dispenser, turn on the motors in the correct direction, and watch the lift bring the balls up to the top. If the arm keeps hiiting the top track, then just adjust the black/gray rod higher by moving the low gray/blue supports toward the middle as shown in step 9, pic 3.

If you built this, send me a picture and I'll put it on this step.



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    Great lift! Along with Sorunome's Infinity switch, I'm using this in my first ball machine called Sub-Zero! Thanks for posting!

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    Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. Also, If you have a Youtube account, what is your username? If so, when do you plan on uploading the video?


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    I have no pets. And what does re-digest means?

    Also maybe whe can chat further on on of our OB's so his mailbox wont get spammed