K'nex Jeep

About: I love building k'nex and have been for about 3-5 years now, but i'm still not great at building things, so i'm gonna try to learn some stuff about building something in my minds eye.

This instructible was pretty easy. So if you want a little sturdy vehicle, well here you go!



-4 wheel drive

-fast (depends on motor.)

-Truck bed


-Hard to put together on a few parts

-piece eater on some things

My first instructible. Please be kind. Rate! Tell me what ya think of it!

Let's move on.

Step 1: Truck Cab, Bed, and Seats.

Step 2: Axles, Steering Wheel, and Roll Cage.

Step 3: Fender and Motor Switch.

Step 4: Extras!



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