Knex LS-8 (Logical Shotgun) Prototype

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Ok guys, I present to you a shotgun that has a removable shell and... Read the stats =D

Very Powerful
Good range 30 - 45 ft
Removable Shell
Adaptable to hold many shells
Fairly Compact
Very easy to maintain
Creeping Death Mk3 trigger

Somewhat long reload time
Some of the blue rods go shorter distances than the rest

Credit goes to logic boy for the Logic Bow firing system.




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    War Hawk One

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I´m going on the holidays tomorrow so you can´t ask me anything for the next 3 weeks.

    well you know it's weared because I've got a new laptop and now the timeclock is set correctly. Stupid comments! hahaah =D


    Yes I have read it lol =D So whats the problem here? You have to know that this gun is only a prototype =D


    You did the opposite of most of what was in the "power" section. You made the pin heavy, and you made the pin push the ammo.

    Nice! I give cheers to you Mate for all your inavative designs!I like the way that you come up with all of these great designs keep this trend going this is a good thing for instructibles.

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