Knex Modified Chain Stepper Lift

Introduction: Knex Modified Chain Stepper Lift

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Hi everyone.
     This is another version of a stepper lift. As you can see from the video and pictures it is quite tall and can be made even taller because there is not a lot of friction. I used two regular knex motors to power this lift but one electric plug-in knex motor should do the job, but you'll have to change the gears around. Enjoy the video.
Parts List
All parts are labeled in there classic colors.
  • green - 76
  • white - 116
  • blue - 200
  • yellow - 128
  • red - 165
  • grey - 53
  • tan roller coaster - 1
  • large bendy - 5*
  • grey - 65
  • light grey - 50
  • orange - 34
  • red - 54
  • green - 87
  • yellow - 85
  • white - 21
  • purple locking - 120
  • blue locking - 47
  • orange roller coaster - 52
Wheels and Tires
  • thin small wheel - 1
  • thin medium wheels - 14
  • thin small tire - 1
  • small gears - 2
  • medium gears - 13
  • large gear - 1
  • small triangle panels - 5
Clips and Spacers
  • Y-clips - 95*
  • blue clips - 12
  • tan locking clips - 12
  • roller coaster clips - 2*
  • washers - 2
  • blue spacers - 83*
  • silver spacers - 34
  • blue hinge halves - 2
  • motors - 2 regular or 1 plug-in
  • chain links - 134
  • roller coaster track length - 2 pieces 80"(2m) or 4 pieces 37"(94cm)
*The large bendy rods are optional.
*You will not need to use a lot of Y-clips if you are using thick roller coaster track.
*You might need extra roller coaster clips at the top part of the steppers.
*You will not need to use a lot of blue spacers if you are using thick roller coaster track.

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Step 1: The Base

     For this step you will be building the base and a bit of the gears and entrance.

Step 2: The Entrance

Step 3: The Tower

Step 4: The Wide Steppers

     The steppers themselves were kind of hard to photograph, so be sure to read the image notes. I broke the steppers into two parts, the lower and the upper. The lower part uses 21 chain links and the upper uses 18.

Step 5: The Narrow Steppers

The narrow steppers are almost the same as the wide steppers, but narrower. I also broke them into to parts. This time though the lower part has 18 chain links and the upper part has 21 chain links.

Step 6: The Top Part and Exit

Step 7: The Supports

Step 8: The Arm

Step 9: Attatching Other Stuff

Step 10: The Top and Gearing Mechanism

You'll have to change the gearing mechanism around if you are using a electric plug-in motor. (which I highly rec-amend)

Step 11: Finis

Great! Now you're done. Hopefully it works well in your ball machine.

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    14 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    cool lift i wand to build it but i have not so much rollercoaster conectors :(


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You could still make it, but you would only have 2 steppers on each side. If you did make it though you would only have to use 1 motor and the arm at the top would not have to be so thick. You also would use less pieces and the ball would still be lifted up 4 red rod lengths.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome lift! I really need to get more of those orange tabbed connectors....

    BTW. I have to lift Ibles coming soon!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Wait an week and the Ibles will be posted!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great lift! Would making it taller require more motor power, since there would be more friction? You sure do come out with lots of Ibles in a short time!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that 2 regular or 1 electric plug-in knex motor should do the job. I usually try and post stuff as often as I can.