Knex W.O.P. Mk2 (Whiplash Oodammo Pistol)




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This little beast is back and has better looks than the Mk1. The performance.. OH just read the stupid pros and cons already XD

Very Powerful
High Range 50-60 ft
Better looks
Sniper Handle
SEAR Trigger

Blue mag rod will sometimes shoot off with the last round
Blue rod is slightly modded if you look carefully

Credits: The Dunkis for his EPIC Oodassault V3

This is THE sidearm that is MAG-FED to own in a knex war XD BUY IT TODAY AT AMMUNATION!!!!  

****UPDATE**** Here is what I made of this gun XD



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    Wow. I just realized how much this looks like TD's Oodassault 3. *Retrospect comment*

    A sniper handle is the handle from a sniper =D And thank you for that comment, you are a knex god =D *yea I overdo it with the smileys a little =D*

    Haha cheers, I'm really not though, there are plenty better :) I may get the knex out this summer again, haven't been at it for a while...