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Introduction: Knex Wheel Lift

About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube ...
This wheel lift I built operates like most wheel lifts except you can choose witch side you want the ball to exit quite easily as seen in pictures 12 and 13. It should be able to be built from the pictures. If you want me to post more pictures please say so. Enjoy the video.



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    Glad it works :) Can't wait to see your ball machine. Once I get my knex on sat. I'll start building my ball machine.

    Can I use this thing to update the Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts?

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    That's cool! It's a lot finner than my wheel lift, it is awesome! didn't even thought of that way to get the ball out! Great job! :)

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