Knex X-13 Assault Shotgun


Introduction: Knex X-13 Assault Shotgun

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This version fo the X-series is the best one yet. Just look at the pro and cons.


Very High Power
Good Range (45-60) ft
Very Accurate
Comfy Handle
Fires Big rounds
Can Fire bows (might increase the range)
Can do serious demage
Looks like a W1200 almost


Trigger sometimes breaks (not the actual ratchet)
Cannot hold more than 9 rounds
Needs better elastics
Slow fire rate

This gun is worthy of a contest for sure!!!! It hast the power and the shotgun feel to it.



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    Hij ziet er echt vet uit maar ,kan je ook de instructies er bij zetten.

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    That handle defies logic.

    The originl was intended to be an "Assault Shotgun." Now its a shotgun becuase of the slow fire rate. Im working on a S.p.A. 12 Shotgun right now (known as the X-15.)