Knex Gun: Bolt-action POG Pistol





Introduction: Knex Gun: Bolt-action POG Pistol

A bolt action POG.
-Easy to use
-Has a magazine
-Bolt-action makes it look cool when reloading
-Doesn't need rubber bands, so reloading requires less effort than other guns.
-A bit small, may not be fit for large hands.
-Less range than a rubber band powered gun.
Suggested use: Secondary weapon.
Note: mirror the steps if you prefer to use your left hand to fire.

Step 1: Peices

Gather the following pieces:
10 red
1 orange
2 yellow
3 dark grey
1 light grey
1 tan
1 green
1 white
5 blue
4 white
4 red connectors
1 broken rod

Step 2: Step 1

Assemble the following:

Step 3: Step 2

 Refer to the top view for clarity. Combine all of the parts that you made previously to make this:

Step 4: Firing

 Follow the instructions in the notes.

Step 5: Automatic Trigger Reset

Add this onto the gun for the trigger to be reset automatically, but then it won't be rubber-band-less anymore.



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40 Discussions

If this were to be able to reload and snap into place automatically it will be a semi auto

mod works well. i modded it even more so that i dont even have to toucch mag to make it reload. i put a spring on between the yellow and red peices

4 replies

ya  the first time i did. but it hast to be wide so im testing with wire right now. so far the spring is better

I tried the spring, but I think it's too skinny. Please send me a pic of yours with the spring, and I'll post it in my instructable if you like.

must u break the rod for ammo?

Really good and a nice way to BREAK THESE REDS but its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you ever broken a red rod with this gun. it seems like it would with the stress when you shoot it

1 reply

If you meant by a red connector (since no red rods are used), well, I have yet to break one when using this gun.

So you don't see any yellow rectangles on the pics? It is probably problem on your side, try using a different browser.

I don't really want to break my piece is there a different piece i could use.