Knex Ministox Special Edition.

Introduction: Knex Ministox Special Edition.

About: My 3ds friend code is 0860-3914-2160 My 3ds xl friend code is 2294-3900-2732. If anyone has xbox live and playes gta 4, can we play together?

Hi this is a ministox car which my dad builds. I built it because I wanted one of my own but made out of knex. My car has front suspension and It has had a makeover using new parts and taking of parts that are not needed . The car has a fastenable seatbelt which can only be released when you click the button behind the seat. The reason why I cant install rear suspension is because my standard suspension is not strong enough to hold the total weight of the 4  kilo's of knex. A metal windsheild would'nt be possible to add to the car so I am making a upgrade for this car in the following weeks.

Positives of the car:5

Front suspension
Seatbelt clip
Lighter weight
Strong bumpers
Good crash test

Negatives of the car:5

No steering
No rear suspension
Front and rear axles can be removed easily
Weighs a lot (4 kilo's)
Uses a lot of my knex

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    Well its body is as strong as a tank but the wheels can come off if you smash it with one of my other cars. But it is the strongest yet from all of my cars.