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Introduction: Knex Grenade

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This knex gernade uses no rods, and explodes when you throw it! Very easy to build.

Step 1: Pieces

you will need:
2 snowflake connectors
8 orange connectors
16 green connectors

Step 2: Assembly

take the snowflake and put greens slots into the snowflakes slots (slot is where the rod would go). make sure the green slot your using is one away from the end. you will need two of these.

Step 3: Assembly

now using the same method, add oranges on every green connector for one of the componets

Step 4: Finished!

now just attach the other side and your done. this grenade is needed for my grenade launcher design...which needs major modifications, please help! at this link



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    18 Discussions

    why is there a black connecter

     sooo..... ummm...... other than being a good throwing plastic thing, does it actually blow up? cause t looks cool and stuff but..........

    1 reply

    i tried to do that originally,but there were too many gaps that the pieces kept falling out of...i will be posting a spiky ball grenade too...

    this instructable is awesome. It blows up really well

    i just made one like this, only its a a chain, so wen you swing the chain, the grenade flies out and shrapnel launches out. should i post a pic?

    Yeah people need to make better gernades. If they want to make little parts fly. This just breaks and weakens the connectors.

    2 replies

    dangit, i had a similar grenade idea, but mine has more shrapnel

    There are sooooo many grenades like this on here:(, nice Instructable though!