Laser Cut Coffee Cup / Flower Pot Holder. I Made It at TechShop


    To create Hexagon Coffee Cup or Flower Pot Holder.
    To practice use of Corel Draw.

     * In Corel Draw, create a Polygon. The default was a Pentagon.  Change to 6 sides to create a Hexagon.
     * Use measuring tool and measure opposites two times.  
     * Scale vertically AND horizontally, until the above measurement are equal.
     * Make rectangular hole by measuring the thickness of the plywood or acrylic to be used.
     * Allow the width of the rectangular slot slightly bigger because the male tabs would insert the female slot at an angle.    

     * The procedure could be repeated by slanting the part so that the slot could be cut at the desired angle.   A careful calculation need to be made to mate the parts perfectly.



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