Lego Safe WORKS!!

Introduction: Lego Safe WORKS!!

This is only for amusement, it is not a real safe. I wanted to make a safe out of legos and heres what I came up with. The idea was simple but took me a few hours to make however when you can find all the pieces it would go alot faster. The safe has a door that opens and closes with a bolt, however the lock is just a twist handle.

You will need: 
16x16 platform
A wheel
Assorted black pieces
Assorted technic pieces

With that said lets build!  

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Step 1: Making the Walls

First you will need to make a perimeter of black 1x6,4,8,10 whatever. The perimeter need to be 8 levels high to make the door fit later.

Step 2: Making the Door

For this step you will need 4, 2x8 thin ones. make two rows of two and add a 1x10 like shown in the picture. Then add a 2x4 with three holes in it to allow the handle to go in. THen put black 2x4 on both sides o make it look complete, add some 1x4 on the back to hold it in place.

Step 3: Making the Lock!

Now you will need the wheel to make the handle to open the safe. get a technic rod and put it into the wheel then put a spacer on the end of rod next to the wheel to allow it to turn. Next insert the rod into the center hole in the door. Place another spacer on that end to allow the bolt to turn. Next put a 1x3 thin technic piece on the rod on one end leaving the other open. After doing so get a regular technic piece 1x7 with an adapter from hex to circle. Put the circle end in the 1x7 and the hex on the thin 1x3. Then add a 1x1 cone to the door on ether sides of the bolt to keep it from moving out of place. Then add two little dot like lego pieces to each one to make the restriction better for the bolt. After doing all of that you should have a working lock.  

Step 4: Attaching the Door

you will need a 2x2 with a hole in it to make the bottom hinge. then add the one of the little lego dots hinges to make the bottom hinge. Then add a T wall hanger with a little lego dot on one of the sides and add a 2x4 thin and add onto the dot to create the full hinge. Then add a 2x1 on the right side all the way up for bolt to grab and hold onto. Then you have the door complete.


Step 5: Making the Roof

The roof can be made out of any thin pieces that you can put on the top to make the roof complete and you have the safe all done. 

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I like it is a amazing I hide my sisters diray in it


    6 years ago

    Yeah, cool. Might be good to hide a treat from your dog, or an undereducated sister ; )


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I have seen Lego safes before, but not a nice and simple one. All the others look a bit complicated. Yours however is one that has instructions! I want to build this!