Lego Pencil Holder



This a cool octagon shaped pencil holder perfect for your desk at the office or at home, or just to show relatives and friends.  

For this project you will need: 
16x16 board 
10x10 board 
36 1x4, various colors 

Step 1: Making the Base

Put the 10x10 base in the middle of the 16x16 base (3 dots from each side) to make the base, sorry about the blurry image. 

Step 2: Making the Octogan

Put the 1x4's one dot inside the edge and three from each side, this will give you the base to start the tower from. Then put another 1x4 from the corner of one of the 1x4's and attach it to another and keep going until you reach 9 levels. Once you reach 9 levels then you will be done and have a awesome pencil holder to put you stuff in and keep your desk tidy.



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