Linkin's Lightning Carbine (LLC) | a K'nex SMG

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This is the first gun I have ever made by myself, and I am so happy with the result. After about five attempts, I decided to make a machine pistol. That machine pistol turned into an SMG pretty quickly. Now, I called it the Lightning Carbine because...a weapon name generator online came up with it for me :P. Now for the stats:

• 6 inch pin (Excluding the connector)
• SUPER comfy handle
• Attachment rail at the bottom (Currently holding the grip here)
• Iron sights
• Small rail for sight
• Comfy stock (The bit that rests on your shoulder curves and is designed by The Red Book Of Westmarch)
• Removable pre-loadable magazine (Friction held)
• Trigger guard
• Shoots grey 1 slot connectors attached to a green rod
• 7 layers thick
• Sturdy
• - Stock wiggles a bit
• - Uses cut pieces (In the magazine and trigger)
• - Simple pin gun
• - Handle sometimes breaks
• - Sight rail obscures iron sights (When building this part of the gun, you can choose to have no attachment rail at the top, a single row, or two parallel rows)

I haven't included the range as I have nowhere to measure it and I have no idea how to measure it, however I speculate it can get about 30 feet.

Please tell me what you think of it down in the comments! Subscribe for more builds like this in your 'you' page. Favorite and share but more importantly, have a great day!

Step 1: My Thought Process

At first I wanted a pistol, however I didn't want a handle magazine. After seeing some curved magazines, I wanted to use one of them, however I realised it made the gun look like an assault rifle. So I set about Instructables and looked at tons of internals of guns to get a feel for how to build mine.

I started with the internals of the barrel after the mag and build around that.

My next step was to make a magazine. I took a white rod magazine and modified it to be pre loadable. I also curved the base of it (which looks really cool in my opinion)

Next I made the internals fit the magazine, and started on the layers that encase the internals. This meant I could start work on the other wide of the barrel.

I started the internals (behind the mag) and the trigger. The trigger was great, until later on I shot the gun and the pin pushed the trigger out of the way.

I then built the handle, taking some inspiration from CorgiCritter, and attached it. It is EXTREMELY comfy!

I then went to work on the stock which I knew would be the hardest part. I started with the centre three layers and worked around them.

For the actual shoulder part, I already knew I wanted to use The Red Book Of Westmarch's curved bendy rod design and I worked around that.

After test shooting the gun and realising the trigger didn't work, I spent a LONG time getting a trigger to work, and eventually got a perfect one!

The whole gun was complete at this point. My first k'nex gun built by me alone. I was so happy and satisfied, even if it is a simple pin gun.

Step 2: Internals

Here are some internals.



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Lucas The Boss

3 years ago

Good job! Glad to see your getting comfortable with guns. Not a big fan of the stock though.

1 reply

Thanks :D I actually changed the stock in version 1. 5, which will be posted today or tomorrow if I get time!

Honestly I think that it is a bit big for the gun and a little big for the single point attachment. I dont really like it but considering that this is one of your first gun posts its not bad.

Okay cheers for the feedback :) if I do a v2, should I make it a more triangular shape and lower it down? In real life it looks a lot less bulky and it looks better than in the PIC :/


3 years ago

Hey, man. Nice to see you getting into the realm of K'nex gunning. It looks nice. If you're not posting instructions and just want to show off your creation, post it on the forums instead under the K'nex category.

4 replies

Reply 3 years ago

Okay. But blue mullet, red, Lucas and loads of other gun builders do so, and the forums aren't seen as much. So why shouldn't I post it here? I was planning to show internals too which would make it easy for someone to build it if they wanted to


Reply 3 years ago

Probably because once upon a time it was more of an OK thing to do. I don't remember all the details but I believe it was once possible to post just a slideshow without instructions. Not sure if that's still supported or not, but basically the idea is that an Instructable should have actual instructions, that's what makes it an Instructable. You agreed to the terms of use when you signed up for this website. Don't take your privileges for granted. They could just as easily remove this entirely and ban your account if they wanted to, but the people here are kind. And it's a vicious circle: It's because you guys don't post on the forums often enough that it doesn't get much activity. Move your posting there and it'd stimulate activity, then things will be seen. Sometimes you have to choose to be the chicken instead of the egg. I'd like to see some of your future builds, so show them off on the forums next time. d(^_^d)


Reply 3 years ago

Looks better to me, but I also have experience with building. It's hard to tell how detailed you need to get for someone who's new.