Marbled Jewelry Dish

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i simply used porcelain clay for this project and some poster paints.

this is some thing I made for my new bedroom. i am planning to make a few more for gifting as well. this will look amazing inside white bathroom. I hope you like it.

the pictures are quiet self explanatory but still I will post guide lines.


Step 1: You Need

  1. paints ( any kind) golden is important, and other colours if you are using porcelain clay
  2. porcelain clay, play dough, polymer clay, salt clay, or air dry clay
  3. a bowl

portion clay into 5 pieces.

add colour to them.

roll them into snakes.

Step 2: Joining the Snakes

braid the snakes, or simply roll like you would roll the strands of a rope.

Step 3: Twist Them Together

keep twisting untill you can get all colours blended.

Step 4: Roll

roll into into a ball. and flatten it

Step 5: Flattening

use rolling pin to softly flatten it out , don't apply to much pressure or the colours with merge without creating marbled effect.

Step 6: Using Cutter

using bowl, trim the hanging sides to give it round edge and place it inside the slightly oiled same bowl. let it air dry.

finish off by using golden paint on the edges.



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