Minecraft How to Make a Bahia Truck

Introduction: Minecraft How to Make a Bahia Truck

About: A Boy That Loves Video Gaming

Step 1: Wheels

Step 2: Start of Body

Step 3: Body

Step 4: Start of Inside

Step 5: Outside Window

Step 6: Inside Window

Step 7: Windows Back&Front

Step 8: Front&aback Lights

Step 9: Side Windows

Step 10: Inside

Step 11: Back License Plate

Step 12: Front Showoff Plate



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    4 Discussions

    Yes you can put the supports off it will float

    Great Ible, keep up the good work and if you can check my page that I have a minecraft skin related Ible.

    build the ultimate above ground network!

    Can blocks float above ground if you remove supports?

    If they can you can live above ground forever without shelter!

    Please comment for new ideas!