My First K'nex Ball Machine!

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Here is my first (Successful) K'nex ball machine! It took 3 days to build (roughly 10 hours of building), has 2 paths, 1 network and 8 elements! All of the elements are other people's as when I tried to make some they...they failed :-( So I will try to hunt down who made what element when I get time and give credit where credit is due :-) I will hopefully get a video of it working soon. Any ideas for names please tell me!

Be sure to vote! Thank you for all the support everyone❗

Sorry to disappoint you all but I'm not making instructions for it. :-(

Step 1: Path 1

This is the shorter of the two paths. It starts off with mathsboy314's bowling element, modified so it will go sideways and not 360°.

Next it drops onto a widening path. The ball goes through the end of the path and lands on a normal yellow connector path below it. It takes some time to adjust itself onto the path before rolling into a bendy path inspired (actually, extremely modified) by toeti's bendy path on his Instructable 'my new elements'.

After that it rolls onto the end of path 2 and goes onto sandroknexmaster's jump lift. It flies onto martijnb95's 'half pipe thingy' then goes back to the chain lift.(I didn't even know how to make a chain lift so I deeply modified someone's chain lift base :-/ I can't find who it is though. Sorry :-( )

Step 2: Path 2

Path two starts with a green connector bendy path. This was really hard to implement in such a small area and to keep its shape.

The ball rolls from the green path onto Sandroknexmaster's 360° ball arm (featured in his ball machine Euphoria). Next it goes over a small bridge to a modified version of Cristiano Ronaldo's ZigZagFall.

It then rolls onto a path round the back which leads to Sandroknexmaster's Jump Lift, which throws the ball onto Martijnb95's 'Half pipe thingy'. Finally it ends up at the chain lift in the centre!



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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you =) please check out my other ibles, especially my other ball machine!

    Sorry to disappoint you but I may not be able to make instructions for my ball machine. I have no experience making instructions yet and I don't have much time due to school :(


    Reply 3 years ago

    do you know the internal diameter for the k'nex tubing? I can't find any and I'm looking for alternatives