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My knex inventory- This is not ALL of it, I still have around 1k more of knex used for some guns.



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    yep i have a NAR tr8 made by baken and a tr18 with one of bakens stocks a coaster and my liberator and BBKWG and a decent pile left

    I have 2blue boxes 4 yellow boxes 2green boxes 2blue tubs 1 big ball machine factory box abd one non-knex box witch is the same size of a blue box

    not bad i have... 2 diff green tubs, a blue tub, trekker set, truck thing set, bike set, motor pack, pull cord motor set thingy, SS set, cyber knex set, a few diff robot sets and thats all i can think of right now but i have more is having a sale, 3 really larger drawers for $15. I bought 6. Walmart, Target and Kmart just finished their sale on 3 medium drawers for $10. I too is still looking for drawers so i can fit my 105+ pounds of knex into it.

    To both of you, I recomment buying surplus ammo cans. Stackable, sturdy and you can move them easily to get at their plasticy innards.