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Introduction: Pallet Hammock Stand

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It's the beginning of the summer so what's better than laying in your homemade hammock stand. This projects is completely made of pallets. It can hold around 60 kilo or 132 lbs. the entire thing is 290 cm or 114 inches long and 100 cm or 39 inches wide. So just follow these simple steps and you will be laying in your own hammock stand in no time.
For this project you'll need:

-10 120 cm or 47 inches pallet planks
-two 100 cm or 39 inch pallet planks
-two 50 cm or 20 inch pallet planks.
-9 pallet blocks.( 10 by 10 by 10cm blocks 10cm=4inches)
-one 100 cm or 39 inches m10 threaded rod
-twenty m10 nuts
-4 m8 nuts and bolts
-eight corner brackets
-two m10 end nuts
-m10 hanging thing
-a hammock

Step 1: The Bottom Part

For this part you'll need the:
- 9 pallet blocks
-four 120 or 47 inches pallet planks
- two 50 or 20 inches pallet planks
-two 100 cm or 39 inches pallet planks
-corner brackets
-threaded rod and nuts

You want to begin with placing the pallets as seen in the picture I made. Then screw everything together. You put two screws in every pallet block. For the pallet block in the middle you have to cut it in half. You can use longer or shorter planks than 50 cm, I'm 190 cm or 75 inches. So if your shorter than that you can just make the 50 cm part shorter. The striped planks are the planks that are on the bottom, I would first put the long piece together and then screw these parts on with the corner brackets. Now you can drill the holes for the m10 threaded rod. You can just drill these in the middle of the planks. To make sure that you drill them in the right place you can just put all the other planks on as seen in the finished project(in the first page) you just have to make sure that the planks that go up lean against the pallet blocks. When you cut the threaded rod you first have to measure the width of the bottom part. Then do plus 2 cm or about 1 inch then you can screw the nuts on, with washers of course.

Step 2: Hanging the Hammock

For this part part you'll need:

-six 120 cm or 47 inches pallet planks
-m10 threaded or nuts and washers
-four m8 nuts bolts and washers
-two m10 end nuts
-m10 hanging things

In this step the images say about everything. And for this step I'm only going to explain it for one side because the other side is exactly the same but mirrored. First you drill the holes for the bottom at the bottom of both of the planks. You have to make sure that all the planks lean against the pallet blocks of the bottom piece. The m10 hole that holds the two planks together is about 30 cm or 11.8 inches away from the top. You must know that there are two planks that are most right point, if you don't understand just look at the second picture the: back pallet hammock stand. The other plank goes in between. The two planks do bend a bit at the top so they make contact. To let them stay like that at the top you use two m8 bolts,nuts and washers. You use two of them per side and you put the m10 threaded rod in between like in the picture. So you have to drill inbetween the two planks that are held together with the m8 bolts. After you dril trough here you push the m10 threaded rod though.( the size depends on the width of you planks). Ont he part that faces out you have to put the m10 end nut. On the other side you put the m10 hanging thing.

Step 3: The Pieces That Prevents It From Falling Over

For this part you need:

-120 cm or 47 inches pallet planks
-corner brackets

Now we build the piece that prevents everything from tipping over. You NEED these part because if you don't have these everything will fall over and break. To make them you first have to cut both the two 120 cm pallet planks in half so you get four 60 cm or 23.6 inches planks. Then you connect them to both the legs and plank that is above it. You do have to Bend the corner brackets with a pair of pliers. You have to bend them with a 45 degree angle (that's half of a perfect corner). then you connect them with the screws. When you connect them you have to push the 60 cm or 23.6 inch planks in so the bottom leg bends a bit, this makes it stronger and less wobbley. You do this twice on each side, like in the pictrure.

Step 4: Just to Make It Look Good

If you want to make it look even better you can get another two 120 cm or 47 inch planks to put on top of the bottom piece. You can attach them to the pallet blocks that show. You do have to cut them a bit. But when you're finnished your project look a lot better.

YOUR DONE!!!!1!!
Now just relax in your new awesome hammock stand. If you need any help or if you have questions you can just ask me in the comments. :-)



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    I like it. I will make it on my weekends. I usually use to find the hammock stand.

    2 replies

    that's a great site with some good info on hammock stands!

    And when you've made yours make sure that you press the" I made it" button.

    And if you have any questions you can just ask me here. :-)

    Looks good but to make it out of wood it couldn't hold my weight. This would be a good way to pattern one made out of steel pipe though

    6 replies

    yea, it can hold about 60 to 70 kilos. But if you wat to make it out of steel I would suggest to make the bottom beam really thick and strong, because most of the weight is a put there.

    Yeah if I was REAL smart I would have planted a couple maple trees about 15 feet apart years ago :)

    It took 1-2 weeks of "growing" the unit, painting included . Maple trees ....?

    I'm old. Would therefore have to divert usage of materials to very different "Construction" by the time the trees were ready for action ?!

    And it was fun woodworking. Gardening, well , not so fun .....

    hahaha, if only you had a timemachine

    I made one With similar design With imprognated 2"x4"''s, and two Wheels on one side for transport (drawing in TurboCad). It looks "massiv" I'l admit.

    My weight, forget it.... My model will hold quite a few "muscular" heavy-weights :-)

    Hengekøyestativ 900x675.JPG

    nice hammock stand. I really like that you painted it white. And I think it can hold much more than mine with those 2 by 4's. :-)


    1 year ago

    Favorite book + This Amazing Creation = Beautiful Day or Life is Good

    2 replies

    haha, thanks. But what book are you reading?

    thanks, in the begin of the summer i went to get 3 new pallets for projects in the summer. all the pallets have already turned into projects, i guess i need to get some new ones. :-)

    thanks for the support

    if you need any help or information you can just ask me. :-)

    Good build! My metal hammock stand is very rusty and in desperate need of replacement, so these instructions will come in handy.