Prom Makeup Tutorial

Introduction: Prom Makeup Tutorial

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This is a pink look with a hint of gold. ideal for prom or night out even a date night

1.First what i like to do is prime my face. For this look i used the Rimmel stay Matt primer.

2. Next using the Maybelline dream satin Foundation in fawn i blend this into my face using a stippling brush making sure there are no harsh lines.

3. Then using the Collection brow kit i neaten up my brown. First by brushing them into place and then doing in with the powder to fill them in.

4. I then do my concealer/highlighting using the Maybelline fit me. I do this by drawing a triangle usder my eyes then on the bridge of my nose and some on my forehead and chin. I then blend this out and set it using the laura mercie.

5. Then using the BH Cosmetics Special Occasion I contour my face using the brown tone in this palette.

6. First priming my eyes ready for eye shadow using any skin tone colour over the eyes. I then grab the pink blush colour and blend this into the crease of my eye. Next using the plum colour i also add this into the crease of my eye and add this underneath my eye. Then grabbing the golden colour i add this onto my lid and the blend this into the crease. To finish this off I use a white eye liner in my waterline then curl and use mascara on my lashes.

7. Then grabbing a nude colour lipstick and add this onto yoru lips.

8. Lastly grabbing a peachy blush colour add this onto your cheeks.

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    2 years ago

    Nice job!! You are so pretty :) Thank you for posting this!