Pump-Action Shotgun




K'nex gun builder. Part of the mid guard. Wasn't around with the old guard nor do I relate with t...

I don't really care if you think this is a shotgun or not- that is debatable as it fires 2 shots and not multiple pellets, but that is up to you to decide for yourself. Anyways, onto the Stats: Easy to pump 55-60ft accurately 70ft total 100ft angled Heavy Sags Piece consumer One cut white rod in each mag One sawed in half green rod for trigger Not the best looking



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    3 years ago

    Some real shotguns only fire one thing, it is calles a slug bullet

    1 reply

    Nice but I'm confused. Y does almost every knex master post a review of a gun but no instructions?

    1 reply

    Nice job, but somehow it looks a tiny bit messy. Maybe making it less 'pointy' would be nice.

    A video of the pump action working would be really cool, though, and I voted. :D

    2 replies

    I really like this, and the fact that it is a shot gun is awesome. Good job bro. I really need to try to build a pump action. My younger sister wont leave me alone about it...

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