Resurgent-class Star Destroyer




Introduction: Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

About: Hi guys! It's Ethan1023 (duh!). I'm a Christian, first and foremost, but I have a lot of other interests as well. I love Algebra. It's so useful! Also, PI. Right?

Hi guys. What we're making today is the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. The only one of these ships ever made, the Finalizer is twice as long as a Imperial-class Destroyer. It's got a fairly flat shape (compared to the Imperial), which was fun to recreate with K'Nex. It appears in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. From it, Ren, Hux and Phasma have a clear vantage point of Starkiller Base. This ship was constructed illegally in a secret shipyard. It goes against all peace treaty regulations enacted and enforced by the New Republic.

Step 1: Parts Count

Let's get started. Please note that the build calls for a green connector, while I use a 3D-grey connector. That is located on the top layer, right next to the light grey connector. Thanks.





Purple Flexirod-1



Light Grey-3







Blue spacer-4

(Black) ball joint-7

(Black) socket joint-1

* 1. One of the pieces is broken: That is neither intentional nor necessary.

2.This build will damage 4 of your yellow connectors: Be prepared to lose those for most other builds.

Step 2: The Base

Step 3: The Bridge

Hey, guys. Hope you enjoyed the build. See you next time.



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    1 year ago

    Nice! I like the super star destroyer a little more ;)
    Are you sure 4 yellow connectors will be damaged? It doesn't look like they are being stressed :)

    3 replies

    If you connect the y-clips and ball joints, it strains the connection points on the yellow connectors. Enough time and tension will bend the connectors to the point where they can't hold a rod rigid.
    KNEX ball - kball - Instructables
    This link shows a ball made up of strictly connectors. The level of tension bends the connectors out of place.

    I see it now :) doesn't look too bad

    I seem to think it's rough. The way it's bent, makes it unable to hold a rod without it essentially falling out. However, it does stay in for the most part. I guess it isn't too bad, really.