San Francisco Bay Bridge K'NEX Model

The Bay Bridge, was built in San Francisco over the San Francisco Bay. Also, this bridge was built to with stand an earthquake. In this intractable, I will show you how to make a model of the bridge out of K'NEX.

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Step 1: Upper/Lower Deck

What you need:

4 Purple connectors

4 Orange Connectors

24 Red connectors

4 Green Connectors

14 Yellow Connectors

9 White Connectors

12 Grey Clamping Connectors

5 Blue Clamping Connectors
35 Green Rods

45 White Rods

8 Blue Rods

3 Yellow Rods

8 Red Rods

Now all you need to do is take the pieces listed and use the pictures to guide you through the building process.


Step 2: Bridge Tower

What you need:

2 Red Connectors

4 Green Connectors

4 White Connectors

2 Blue Clamping Connectors

2 Grey Clamping Connectors
6 Green Rods

4 White Rods

2 Blue Rods

3 Yellow Rods

2 Bendable Orange Rods

10 Red Rods(Orange Rods)
Now all you need to do is take the listed pieces and use the given pictures to build the tower of the bridge. Then connect the tower to the deck.


Step 3: Hinge Pipe Beam

What you need:

8 Purple Connectors

12 Grey Connectors

4 Grey Rods
=================================== Now all You have to do is follow the pictures above to Build the beam.

Put the Grey Rods on the two sides of the bridge to connect them.

Step 4: Your Done


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