Santa's Christmas Countdown!

Introduction: Santa's Christmas Countdown!

This is a fun Christmas craft to make for a little girl or boy. Every day your child will receive a box, from Santa or an elf with a piece of candy or just a little treat! Along with this your child will receive a slip of paper telling them how many days are left until Christmas, so along with the treat this also doubles as a Christmas countdown that is so fun and easy for the family to enjoy!

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Step 1: Supplies

For this craft you will need a box, ribbon, paper/printer, candy or treats, scissors, and tape. Also if you want you can also have some curly scissors on hand.

Step 2: Treats and Wrapping

Find a box and place a treat inside of it. Also put in how many days until Christmas is left. Then wrap the box up If you want you can wrap the box in aluminum foil so it looks like it came from the north pole! If you want you can print out all the notes so you do not have to write them all. There is an example of a note right here!

Step 3: Final Product

If you want you can add ribbon  and a tag that says From, Santa. Now you can repeat this and put a Countdown To Christmas From Santa every day! I cut the tag out with curly scissors but that is up  to you! 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea! There's only 7 days left but I may start this tonight for my boy, and will definitely do it next year!