Simple K-nex Pistol With Trigger Shoots 20+ft

Hi guys this is my first Instructable, it is easy and gets good range with good bands. I got about 25ft with bad bands, i do not have any #32 or #64 bands but i m sure if you put those on it will go farther. Also remember too check the boxes.

Step 1: Handle

First, you will make the handle.

Step 2: Barrel

Now, you will make the barrel, it has 21 yellow half moon connectors.

Step 3: Trigger

The trigger, comment on how i could make this better please. I know it may not be that good.

Step 4: Firing Pin and Bands

Now you will make the firing pin and add bands.

Step 5: Congrats!

Congratz! you have finished i would like to hear of any mods you have to make this gun better.



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