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Introduction: Star With Plastic Bottles

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Here's how to make Christmas decorations for free with recycled materials.

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Plastic, we use every day and in large quantities.

Conscious of the damage caused by this overconsumption,

we no longer see plastic bottles ending their lives in the sea or in landfills.

Use a drawing or a print of the pattern you want to achieve a star for example.
On a wooden board nail the tops of your drawing and cut off the heads of the nails then add a central nail.

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Step 1: Making Your Wire

We will use bottle wires like this one.

I'm shown in this video how to realize it.

We will take the end of the son and make a double knot on the center nail.

Then cut the end of the wire.

Step 2: Outline of Your Template With the Wire

Following the outline of your template with the wire.

Then do the turns of the star without the son being twisted, the more you will turn the thicker the wall thickness will be. There are different color bottle so you can get several colors without using paint. If you have already made wire tensed it is substantially the same thing, but here the template you will use will re-serve you several times.

You can use a knife or a screwdriver, the layers must be superimposed.

Nail the other end of the wire, or make a knot on another new nail. And cut the remaining end.

Check that all layers are superimposed and plated.
I will use a thermal stripper but you can also use a hair dryer.

The plastic of our bottles and thermoformable. It will therefore take the form you wished to achieve.

The son will stretch and take the final shape.

Step 3: Glue

Finally we will use the glue and add on all the lines.

There will be nothing left but to cut our bindings.

You can now remove your star or object by using a knife or a screwdriver.

Simple and easy to achieve?

Step 4: Finish

All that remains is to cut the remainder of the fixing at the level of the roundings and to use a little glue if necessary.

To hang it I use a small piece of thread that I stick round All that remains is to make the hook.

Pretty cool ! Isn't it ?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

I wish you Happy Holidays.

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