The Krazy K-Cup Kontainer

Introduction: The Krazy K-Cup Kontainer

Keurig k cups, I love them, they are so convenient and what a great cup of coffee, yea they are expensive and waste caused by them is enormous!

But as a Instructable person, and maker you know we will be able to turn these into the Altoid tins of recycling and storage!

My issue was how to store them into my already crowded kitchen, The holders are expensive and take up valuable counter space.

So I started playing with the idea of storing them in a closet or pantry using the unused space.

This is a pretty simple Instructable, all you need is a few 1/2" thick black (or brown) foam (packing material) pads,
I use my local .99 cents store as my supply store.

I like a denser core mat it seems to hold the cups better with thinner material, if you can't find any go to 1" thick pad

Use a drill or a punch, make a 1 5/8" hole - across the mat (or pool noodle, if you want to go krazy)
(use a ruler and sharpie marker to keep the holes straight) use double stick tape, or carpet tape on the back, and INSTANT K-CUP Holders!

I expect to see my fellow instructable makers put me to shame with you ideas!


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