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This gun is a rubber band shooting gun, but is unbelievable. It is incredibly strong and can hold all 8 #64 bands and is semi-auto. This is all based off of  rivera364's gun in the instructable named KNEX RBG REPEATER TRIGGER. Give credit to him for the idea :) 

It has the strongest stock I've ever built and looks cool. p.s.   some of you think that the stock looks flimsy.... trust me it's not. i wouldn't say it's the greatest stock if it was like that...

Step 1: Step 1

 I will explain everything in the image notes, so read them!

Step 2: Step 2

 Image Notes

Step 3: Step 3

 Image Notes

Step 4: Step 4

 Video on how to load and shoot is too big. soo all you gotta do is put a rubber band on the front and pull back and put it on the wheel thing. then to load another, turn the wheel backwards and it will click. then repeat. Tell me if there are any problems with this instructable and if you have trouble..



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6 years ago on Introduction

Makes a boss pistol :) 5/5 but could someone explain 2 things to me real quick?
1) where is the rate button/way of placing a rating on an instructable?
2) what does a stock do?

well it looks like it bends but if you build this you will agree its the srongest stock ever. i thought it was gonna be a complete fail when i was building it then when i was done i was like.... WOW.