Vacuum Cleaner Extension Handle




Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner Extension Handle

Probably someone is same as me using the nozzle a lot during vacuum cleaning.

For most of upright vacuum cleaner, its hose wand is too short so that is a hard work for our waist and back to bend down to clean somewhere.

To get rid of the back pain, I made a PVC extension handle for my Hoover vacuum cleaner. It’s cheap, easy and excellent in use. I want to share it here. If someone also need a vacuum cleaner extension handle, just follow the steps, it is easy to make one.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1" PVC TEE X 1 ($1.22 X 1)

1" PVC ELBOW X 2 ($0.73 X 2)

1" PVC COUPLING X 1 ($0.46 X 1)

1" PVC PIPE 1" LONG X 1, 2" LONG X 2 AND 14~16" LONG X 1 (May shorter or longer, depends on the length you want to the extension)







Step 2: Scrape Inner Lip of the Tee

Scrape to remove inner lip of the tee with the side edge of a chisel. The inner lip of 1” tee is around 0.5mm, it's not too difficult to remove, and also can sand it down. A mask and glasses are necessary during all of the working.

Step 3: Short Tee and Elbow

Cut off 1/2" with a saw on both tee and elbow to get the extension closer to the original wand.

Tip: cut a 1/2" width paper strip and round on the tee and elbow to help to mark the cutting line.

Clean burrs with a file.

Step 4: Assemble and Glue

Assemble and glue the fittings and pipes. Don't glue the coupling to the elbow yet before the wand is installed.

It depends on length of the extension and wand, if the want is longer, it need the space to put the wand in to the tee. I choose never glue the coupling with the elbow. Just plug connection.

Slide the wand in until it tight.

In my case, it's tight enough does not need to screw or glue on the wand. Anyhow the original wands and hose also are plugged to connect each other.

Step 5: What Is the Best Length of the Extension

Measure the tall of the upright vacuum cleaner. This size is from experience of manufacture. It is the best length from the nozzle to the handle.

For other model vacuum cleaner, if the wand is little bit thick, recommend to try to saw the tee through to open its back so the wand can be slid in and then screw them.

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    4 years ago

    lolz good


    4 years ago

    Fantastic lifehack!


    4 years ago

    This type of mod would also be good for someone with arthritis that has limited hand flexibility and strength.