Wheel Shooting Knex Gun Very Powerfull




Introduction: Wheel Shooting Knex Gun Very Powerfull

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Hello guys
I was making a knex gun and i thougt: why don't use wheels as ammunition ??
So here it is :

Step 1: 'The Barrel'

Step 2: The Handle

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Extra

Step 5: Attaching the Handle

Step 6: The Rubber Bands

DONE !!!



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    i made it and accidentally shot it while loading it and i was holding the front to stabilize it and it gave me a blood blister as well as slice my thumb;
    TIP- dont hold the top of the barrel only the bottom cus this thing can misfire! ! !

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    i did that once as well after super gluing my fingers together building a model car i used my exacto to pry them apart (i dont know what i was thinking) and gave myself a minor slice

    LATE REPLY :( That's gotta hurt!!!! Did you slice all of your skin with your fingerprint on it off or something?

    When I fist started knex i experimented with using wheels as ammo.

    cool gun 5* and its realy powerfull but you forgot the instructions for that wheel thing

    what do you mean with 'wheel thing' ? do you meen the amunision, that is just a basic wheel to shoot with :D

    no that thing were you have to place the rubber band ( the front of the gun )
    (sorry for late reply)

    Yes, I"m sorry about that but you can see it in picture 4.2, 6.3 and 6.4 :D

    can i also use on pic. 2 a 1 slot grey conector instead of that black things

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    if you look at the last picture, you can see why there I needed but it is not an important part, it is just for some extra comfort at the handle.