Whiplash Knex Ball Machine

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Hello everyone!

I present to you yet another one of my marvelous, imaginative k'nex ball machines, Whiplash. After 5 months of on and off building, planning, and trial & error, it is finally complete!

This machine uses 2 motors, has 2 networks, 10 paths, and contains 3 new elements.

I would like to thank sandroknexmaster  for inspiration from his Center Arm Lift and others for the many astounding elements used on the machine, including sandroknexmaster, knexpert#10829476, Thibault Art, martijnb95, Kairah, Sorunome, mathsboy314, 84sharkattack, and Knextreme

I once again got more k'nex which helped me build more paths onto a machine than any of my previous ones. Mathsboy314'swheeled crankshaft lift was here before the Center Arm Lift. The reason I had to change things is because it was just too much for one motor to run both a crankshaft and chain lift at the same time. A lot of times, I think that I am going to run low on certain pieces but I got even more pieces for Christmas that helped me finish strong.

Here's the machine IN ACTION:



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    That's one great ball machine! I like how you modded the Center Arm Lift, and thanks for using some of my other elements as well.
    I really like the element at 2:25 :D


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Did I mention that I think this is the first K'nex Ball Machine of 2014 in the world! Quite an achievement.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Yet another awesome ball machine from collinjo! Well worthy of my time, good job! :-) - I quite like the white floor!