Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies



Introduction: Whole Wheat Coconut Cookies

-Whole wheat coconut cookies are prepared using wheat flour and dry dessicated coconut.

-They are eggless and have nice coconut flavour

Step 1: Ingredients

-One cup wheat flour

-1/4 cup powdered sugar

-1/4 cup dry dessicated coconut

-1/4 cup melted butter

-3 tablespoon milk

Step 2: Procedure

-Take 1/4 cup melted butter in mixing bowl and add 1/4 cup powdered sugar to it and whisk.

Step 3: Add Dessicated Coconut to Wheat Flour

-Take one cup wheat flour in seperate bowl and add 1/4 cup dry dessicated coconut to it and give a mix.

Step 4: Add Coconut Wheat Flour Mixture to Whisked Butter Sugar in Mixing Bowl

-Slowly add coconut wheat flour mixture to whisked butter sugar and mix.

-You can mix with your finger tips and it will be crumbly.

Step 5: Add Milk

-Next add 3 tbsp milk just enough to gather together to a dough.Do not knead it,just gather to form dough

Step 6: Flatten Them

-Now take small portions and flatten them slightly by pressing with hands.

-Allign them on baking sheet.

Step 7: Sprinkle Dessicated Coconut

-Sprinkle dessicated coconut on alligned cookies on baking sheet

Step 8: Baking

-Bake at 180 degree celsius for 20 minutes until you see all edges turning brown.

Step 9: Cool Them

-Once baked place them on cooling rack and cool them

Step 10: Enjoy

-Store coconut cookies in air tight container.

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