Wire Tree of Life




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Intro: Wire Tree of Life

A wire tree of life.

Step 1: Materials

Also thinner wire that the thick wire 
and a Soldering gun.

Step 2: Making the Circle

Step 3: Making the Tree

Now to make the tree inside the circle.
Cut 12 wires (thinner) with a length of 12"

Step 4: Your Done!



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    The finished product is beautiful, with nice, flowing lines. The clear pictures of each step make the directions easy to follow. It's now on my to-do list and you got my vote..

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is really beautiful. Very well described. I have a ton of beads and wear very little jewelry. This is a great use of my beads. Thanks for the tutorial. It has been added to my To Try list.

    (BTW in the instructions I think you meant to write 12" (inch) not 12' (feet)

    "Cut 12 wires (thinner) with a length of 12' "

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