Grow Food With Your Printer !

Introduction: Grow Food With Your Printer !

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do you work in an office? i'm sure there is a printer some where around there as well, if not maybe a desktop/laptop computer? both will do just fine.


now i promise you that you will get some food out of this fun DIY project. just don't expect 60lbs. of cucumbers.. for such volumes we would need help from many more electronic friends.


so what can you grow with a printer? we can have some tasty fresh oregano, dill, chives, basil, mint, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, fennel, onion... maybe even a delicious carrot ! although I have seen some more experienced printer growers getting successful with cherry tomatoes. who knows maybe you are one of them, straight from your office/cubical/study room's chair.


wouldn't it be nice to bring home some fresh cut herbs/greens after a tiring work day? this DIY instructable costs under $10 and about 1 hour to assemble...>

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Step 1: First an Example, Our Office

i work in a restaurant, and this is our office. is the office familiar to yours? notice there are no windows meaning no sunlight to grow my tasty organic food to serve hungry customers.


let's see maybe we can fix that. we have a desk here, a chair, some screens, keyboard, files/folders..... and a printer !!!


ok so locate your printer and get ready to grow..> one downfall is that your printer must have a USB input port, or you will have to use your desktop/laptop computer. this is actually not really bad. i sometimes switch between the two options. i hear that a good combination of laptop and printer offers more yield in the long run.

Step 2: This Printer Is Working Extra Hard..!

what is that distant tiny glowing object?

maybe it isn't so tiny nor glowing after all,

because it is the USB Plant Shelf, the perfect office companion ! welcome to the world of printer growing.


i have been working on The Plant Shelf and The Plant Arm projects and decided to do as many different application posts as possible. here is our restaurant's printer growing some rosemary. I think with the desktop computer we'll be growing some oregano.


fresh grown on premises.


also remember to check out my newest design; Portable Herb Garden .


i highly recomment watching this incredible invention...


love & peace


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Akin my husband and I totally enjoyed this! thanks so much for sharing and do have a great day!