High Powered Knex Gun Mechanism




Introduction: High Powered Knex Gun Mechanism

i have came up with a new spring powered knex gun mechanism. it is simple to build and powerful. 



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    The gun looks terrible as it uses a block trigger and the handle is non-existant in this gun but I actually like the idea for the spring powered firing pin.

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    Apology accepted. And I will admit it was a little unconstructive but I was actually in a good mood when I typed that comment lol.

    This concept has actually been finalized into a much better form than what you have just made, about 4 or 5 years ago, it's known as Red Impact.

    Yes, that was my mistake but I know I've seen some old gun that used springs. I thought of Red Impact just because I remembered seeing a spring. It was either a modded red impact or some other old gun.

    This is just a firing mechanism not a full gun. If I built this as a proper gun I would have used a true trigger. Any way

    They're surprisingly easy to get hold of. I got that one out of a nerf gun but you can also get them out of cheap Airsoft/BB gun pistols.

    This is not a new mechanism. All you've done is built a block trigger and, instead of putting a rubber band on it, stuck a spring behind the ram(which is short and heavy. I think you should try and work on building something out of it, though.

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