How to Play a Wii Without the Sensor

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you can play a Nintendo Wii without the sensor, or simply put a time limit on how long it can be played

you will need
a Wii
a Wii remote
two candles (preferably tea lights)
something to light candles

unplug the sensor from the wii and put the candles the length of the sensor away from each other where you would put your sensor and light them. they may not work the first time, if they don't, try moving the candles closer or further apart untill your the cursor can be seen. (an optional choice can be to put some kind of marker to mark where the candles have to be to play)

tea lights usually last about 2.5/3 hours

WARNING, do not do this if your tv stand is made of wood or if there is anything flammable such as books on the same shelf because its a fire hazard.

this is not fake, it really works and i have tried it myself

thanks to epigrgj12 for the video

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    The controller also works with normal light, because normal light also contains Infrared light, but its more difficult because there are a lot of IR light in normal light and the controller acts weird