How to Play Smoke on the Water on Guitar!!




Introduction: How to Play Smoke on the Water on Guitar!!

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Step 1:

ok im ging to tech you how to play smoke on the water on guitar.It is real easy after practice. i practiced for a weekend and now i can play it no problemo!! :) sis is modling in this please right comments and dont forget to rate!! but if you put harrassing or rude comments on my sis you can and WILLbe sued for harrasment but you wont have to worry cause that wont happin. and have fun with this insructable :)

Step 2:

first play a dg no finger so strum the 3rd and 4th string with no fingers.easy right :)

Step 3:

and now play with two fingerz on the second fret with one finger on the fouth string and one finger on the third string.easy

Step 4:

now play the forth and third string with no fingaz again.

Step 5:

now play the second fret and play the fourth and third before

Step 6:

now play the fith fret with the fourth and third then hurry and withch to the fourth fret and the fourth and third strings.

Step 7:

then put it all together and practice.

ps my sis is modleing

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    It would just be a lot easier for people if you made a video. good idea for an ible though