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this is my knex NES speedboard. the speedboard is basicly a board that you place your NES controller into and it somehow makes you faster at games although i dont think it works. it doesnt take up much time or pieces so you had might as well build it if you own a NES and some knex. theres not much else to say about it so im just gonna get on with the ible. please vote for this in the contest!!! i will be very gratefull. thanks   

the impossible square is back!!! (on the plain white background)
quickly, get to the middle square!!!

Step 1: Piece Count

this doesnt take up many pieces so heres the list


purple 3D...4
blue 3D...4

NES controller (obvoiously)

Step 2: Make These

make 2 of these

Step 3: Attatch As Shown

now place the yellow connectors as shown.

Step 4: Putting the Controller Into the Speedboard

see i told you it was easy. now im going to show you how to place the controller into the speedboard. make sure the controller is sitting in the yellow rods grove or it will fall out through your game play.

Step 5: Finished!!!

thankyou for building my speedboard!!! now go and play some super mario bros but this time, you have the speed at your fingertips!!!!



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