Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering





Introduction: Knex Buggy Independent Suspension and Steering

knex buggy with independent suspension and Ackermann steering. i can adjust it to have negative camber too.
*based on CRAZYCREATOR187 (ningana000 before) 's  buggy - - .so because of him i had the spark to rebuild suspension+steering, i really liked those suspensions,hehe.
anyway,the instructable should be here soon if i manage to rebuild it and improve it, wohoo



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    slightly narrower than the back end, but i can't tell much because i don't have it anymore.
    aproximately 3 yellow rods put head to head

    that we me on a friends account thanks i might make it do you think i could hook a motor to the steering and make it a rc knex car i have a drive system but i need a suspension and steering for the front and the back doesn't have suspension but i didn't want it to

    i already build a full suspension rc car, but it breaks very fast and goes very slow.
    it broke and i removed the suspension, it could go very fast for a knex car.
    i have a compact one now but it doesn't go well enough

    i am talking an rc car out of only knex parts and my car does so it is a rock crawler so it has a lot of torque. but would the suspension hold up to crawling not jump

    if you can build it right
    a knex rock crawler should be easier than what i tried ( put suspension and rear wheel drive on my buggy)

    see i put a sold axle on the back but i want the front to give when i run something over so the back gets traction at all times. and do you have video or anything on your knex rc car.

    i don't have any, but it wouldn't help anyway.
    you either neet 2 motors, one on each axle, or make a gear box on the middle of the chassis and connect both.
    you got pics of yours? i could help better

    This is the steering set up i have now but i want to put your suspension and steering on it.


    you can but it will be kinda big. try to make it less wider, it should work because i build it to be very strong, it was actually the model that i would have made rc after.

    This is the back/gearing area. I design the car around the big gear i got from the Ferris wheel. and it has a lot of torque and i want to rock crawl with suspension on the front so when i am going up something the front gives little so the back gets traction at all times to the back wheels don't slip.


    oh i get it now
    but sadly it's almost impossible to make a front wheel drive with knex, unless we get special parts like in lego (shafts) or your car is really big. (this is why i never posted a knex full suspension rc)
    that doesn't mean there aren't any solutions :) ,i don't know any yet

    no, i am leaving it rear wheel drive for now but i want steering and suspension on the front and i will try to make it four wheel drive. but no i am leaving to rear wheel drive for now maybe we need to talk and find a four wheel drive suspension and steering desgin do you have skype.

    i don't have much time now
    i'll get back to cars as soon as i can and i'll try again four wheel drive.

    sooo chevy made me do this: it's based on the buggy ^ , the rear is completely different but has a motor and suspension, it's fully rc but i can't test it because my (big yellow ) batteries are dead, for now.

    the best thing to do with knex is to try, modify, try again, if it doesn't work, you need another model or another mechanism (supposing you have enough parts)
    it takes some time to build something, i think 3 days to make this buggy

    i have plenty of parts but i am going to put a motor to your suspension and steering so it is more rc besides the fact there is a wire coming out of the car to control the steering but it was supose to be a all knex rc car and i can't find cyber knex