K'nex Gun

Introduction: K'nex Gun

this is a simple (and cool looking in my opinion) k'nex gun. it will shoot about five feet. and yes,the first picture is crappy.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need:

1 white circle

3 yellow half circles

1 gray half circle with rectangle gap(or just 4 yellow half circles)

1 red corner piece

3 green rods

2 white rods

2 navy rods

1 gray rod

1 rubber band(small one would work better)

1 smll strip of masking tape

Step 2: Starting the Stock

insert the three green rods into the circle as shown,and two of the yellow half circles to either end of a navy rod.

Step 3: The Stock

take the gray half circle and put a white rod directly next to the rectangle gap.put a navy rod directly next to that.put the red corner piece at the other end of the navy rod.connect that to the white circle as shown.connect the other piece you made to the white circle as shown.connect the yellow half circle to the white rod coming out from the gray piece and the white circle as shown.connect the two yellow pieces with the white rod as shown.

Step 4: The Barrel

connect the gray rod to the yellow half circle.tape a rubber band at the end with masking tape.DONE

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