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Introduction: Wine Glass Wall Mount

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I had a few wine glasses from some wine tastings I wanted to display. I found this was a simple and nice looking way to do that. This project was pretty inexpensive to make and required few tools and supplies. I made mine to hold 4 wine glasses. I had a 3/4 inch wood dowel from a previous project that I used to hand the glasses on. Also i used scrap wood that I had laying around as the main piece for this project. I made two of theses at the same time and giving one as a christmas gift. I sanded and stained mine giving it a nice look. I also added caps for over the screws to make it look a little nicer.

Dont forget these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies




drill bits

ruler/ straight edge

speed square

paint brush

glue for dowels



3/4 inch dowel

3/8 screw caps

sand paper



Step 2: Cutting Wood

Depending on how many wine glasses you decided to hang and the diameter of them will determine the length of the wood. Two dowels will hold up one wine glass. Make sure to have enough space inbetween the two dowels for the steam of the glasses. I made mine 1 inch in between. Also I added one inch of space along the edges top, bottom and sides. I measured in one inch from the edge then traced the wine glasses one inch from the bottom. This gives you were your steam will hang. Then on the other side of the glasses diameter i measured another 1 inch space for inbetween the glasses them selves. After that inch that's gonna be inbetween the glasses take your wine glass and make a circle linning up your glass with the one inch margins on the edges. Do this for as many glasses you are going to hang. If your wine glasses are like mine I cut a rectangle 14 inches by 3 inches. Fell free to make it longer than 3 inches the width is more important.

Step 3: Cutting Holes for Dowels

Once you have your frame measured cut how you want it start making your lines for drilling. I used a pencil to mark where to drill the holes. I made a template out of paper to help. I took a pencil and measured one inch around one each side. Measure out so that all of your dowels will evenly apart so it looks nice. From your one inch measurements there should be a space pefect for wine glass to be traced. Measure 3/4 inches in from each edge of your wine glass for your dowels holes. This should leave a one in gap for in beteween your glass for the steams. For four wines glasses you will be cutting ad holes. It's okay to write on with a pencil because then you know where to sand. It will sand right off. The important thing is to space your wine glasses evenly with a gap for the steam of the wine glasses. Sand the holes and edges of holder.

Step 4: Staining and Hanging

After you sanded all sides and edges. Cut your dowels to three inches long. Sand the ends of these too. If you want to stain the dowels put them in the holes your cut before staining. On one of the ones i built i did not stain the dowels, this gives it a nice look without the stain too. Depending on how you cut your holes you might need to glue them in. Mine fit perfect I used a hammer to knock them in flush so they line up with the back of the frame. You could also cut them different lengths to give it a different look. Also i did not stain the screw caps either. I added two coats of stain, make sure to get inbetween the dowels. Coat on the stain evenly. I elivate the frame off the surface im painting on so that stain doesn't collect on the edge of the frame. It will drip of and this will keep it from collecting and building up. I used 3/8 in screw caps. drillling a quarter of the way threw for where the screw will fit leaving room for the cap to fit. I also pre drilled a smaller hole for the screw.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    beautiful project! well done! perfect gift for the holidays too :)